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Gweithdy Dresel Griddfan Merched Chwarel Groaning Dresser Workshop, Storiel

The Dresel Griddfan/Groaning Dresser is Merched Chwarel’s centerpiece installation at Storiel, involving all four artists and curator.  Having created a form for the dresser, we invite you to help make the Dresser increasingly groan with an accumulation of stuff, playfully challenging the historical representation of the quarryman’s wives.

We are looking for:

-       objects (found, treasured, trinkets, souvenirs, gifts wanted/unwanted)

-       works (pictures, samplers, 3-D pieces)

-       cards, sayings, photographs, dresser pictures

-       stories (personal associations with the dresser – positive and negative)

If you would like to be part of the project, please come to Storiel between 12 - 4pm on
Friday 14th June or 26th July.  

There will be an opportunity to experiment with indexing, mapping, collaborative curation, as well as tea, cake and a chat.

Croeso cynnes at bawb! Warm welcome to all!

Objects can be collected at the end of the exhibition in early September.
As the objects will be on open display, you will be leaving them at your own risk!