Oriel Pobl - People's Gallery

Mae'r oriel hon yn cynnwys lluniau, fideo, sain, perfformiad a gwaith tecst  sy'n archwilio:

"Pwy ydym ni, Merched Chwarel, a sut mae ein hestheteg, hunaniaeth, cysylltiad â lle, diwylliant ac iaith yn cael eu cyfryngu gan y chwareli?"

Byddem wrth ein bodd ychwanegu eich gwaith i'r oriel! Croeso i e-bostio eich gwaith, teitl ac unrhyw ddisgrifiad a dolenni gwe i lindsey.colbourne@me.com 

This gallery contains  image, video, sound, performance and text-based works that explore:

"Who are we, the Merched Chwarel, and how are our aesthetics, identity, connection to place, culture and language mediated by the quarries?"

We would be delighted to add your work to the gallery! Please email your work, its title and any description and weblinks to lindsey.colbourne@me.com

Yr Oriel - The Gallery

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‘Every Day’ was originally made for an Exhibition entitled 'My Place'.

Place can be both physical, and ostensibly real, and constructed, as in invented from what we choose to acknowledge, or remember. Remembering is always untrustworthy, but the ‘construction' of what we think are significant past events, or places, are essential to anchor us within what can often be a troublesome present. With age, when "the sands" begin to move in, we quarry deeper into our stored memories for nuggets, kernels of personal truths that are essential to give our lives meaning.

We are all quarrywomen and men, or will be.

Added by: Linda Jean John

Chwarel Penmaenmawr

Oil painting and video

Added by: Jwls Williams, 2016

Digging Down

A film of a collaborative, participatory 'women's caban' involving archaeology, debate and a meal with National Theatre Wales, inspired by the women of Coed Gwydr.

Added by: Lindsey Colbourne, 2015

'Sturzstrom' (a landslide event for voices)

The Merched Chwarel Canu Chwarel Singing Slate workshops reminded me of another project I was involved in for the cultural section of the Olympics in 2012. It involved singing a specially commissioned piece in a quarry!

I made some work to go with this, collagraphs of the landslide .

Added by: Wanda Garner

The testimony of Patience Kershaw

A song by a mining woman in Yorkshire of the 1840s - contributed to the outlawing of women working underground in 1843

Added by: Barbara Byatt

Ynghlwm - Roped Together

Performance inspired by the stories and experiences of climbing partners, in particular those between male female partners of yesteryear.

Added by: Kate Lawrence, 2012

Gosodiad Crawia

Rwyf yn wreiddiol o Sling ger Bethesda, Gogledd Cymru ond ar hyn o bryd yn byw ac yn gweithio yng Nghaerdydd lle rwyf yn fy nhrydedd flwyddyn yn astudio ar gyfer y cwrs gradd BA (Anrhydedd) Artist Dylunydd: Gwneuthurwr ym Mhrifysgol Metropolitan Caerdydd. Mae fy ngwaith fwyaf diweddar yn seiliedig ar dirwedd Eryri ac mae fy nehongliad o chwareli Gogledd Cymru wedi fy arwain i weithio gyda llechi yn bennaf.

I am originally from Sling near Bethesda but at the moment living and working in Cardiff where I am in my final year studying a degree in BA (Hons) Artist Designer: Maker at Cardiff Metropolitan University. My most recent work is influenced by the landscapes of Snowdonia and my interpretation of the quarries of North Wales which has led me to work primarily with slate.

Rhiannon Gwyn, 2019

Voices from the Deep

A music performance inspired by and filmed in Croesor Mine near Beddgelert on the Winter Solstice 2016.

Added by: Sioned Eleri Roberts & Katherine Betteridge

Dal dy Dir

A film exploring women's contemporary relationship to the quarries of NW Wales, an entirely man-made environment. It particularly explores scale, absence/presence and fault lines. The voice over is made of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs from 13 women answering the question "what is your connection to the quarries of NW Wales and how do you feel about them?".

Added by: Lindsey Colbourne, 2017

Yma - Absennol

Call and response of present and absent Merched Chwarel

Added by: Merched Chwarel, 2017

Yn y Dyffryn Hwn: Anthem Dyffryn Nantlle

Karen Owen sydd piau geiriau ‘Yn y dyffryn hwn’, anthem Dyffryn Nantlle – prosiect cymunedol gyda Bryn Fôn, Craig ab Iago (Pencampwr y Gymraeg, Cyngor Gwynedd), Cefin Roberts a Justin Davies (Gwibdaith Hen Frân). Dyma’r unig ardal yng Nghymru sydd â'i hanthem ei hun!

Added by: Karen Owen