Chwareli Gogledd Cymru - Quarries of North Wales

Cliciwch ar y map isod am gronfa ddata chwiliadwy anhygoel o 5,200 o chwareli a mwyngloddiau yng Ngogledd Cymru, adnodd ar-lein gan Dave Linton.

Gweler isod am ragor o fanylion.



Click here or on the map below for an incredible searchable map/database of 5,200 quarries and mines in North Wales, an online resource by Dave Linton. There are more than 1000 slate quarries/mines. Also loads of lead, gravel, copper, gold, sand, coal, limestone, manganese, marble and jasper… and things we’d never heard of like antimony and hone.

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Background information about the map/database

"This web site provides an on-line searchable version of the late Jeremy Wilkinson’s Gazetteer and Bibliography of the Mines and Quarries of North Wales. The gazetteer contains aproximately 5,200 mine, quarry and other site names together with a bibliography of more than 32,000 references and notes. Alternative names of sites are cross-referenced. Details are provided of more than 830 limited companies and more than 3,500 other companies and individuals are named.

The Gazetteer and Bibliography was compiled over a considerable number of years by Jeremy Wilkinson from Public Record Office and other sources of public record. He used the data and a set of BASIC programs to create a database, initially on a BBC B computer and later on PCs.

Jeremy provided copies of his files to me, Dave Linton. I have modified file names, formats and some data codings to simplify maintenance and reduce file sizes. Duplicated data have been eliminated and minor corrections have been made. The files and their data formats have been documented to support future maintenance.

I have used my versions of Jeremy’s files and my own programs to produce an on-line search facility of all mines and quarries, persons associated with the mines and quarries, and a list of relevant Crown Grants. Cross-references are provided, those that provide additional information are linked.

No major changes have been made to Jeremy’s data. However, references to some secondary sources have been added as in some cases these are more accessible than the primary sources. Additions and corrections to the data have been, and will continue to be, incorporated as further information becomes available. Submissions of such information will be welcomed." - Dave Linton