Merched Chwarel yn Gweithio!

We’ve (finally) found some stories of women working in quarries….

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Merched Morgan

My mother  - Juliette Morgan - worked at Penrhyn in the 70s. She used to do the wages. The men took the piss out of her, for example, they’d give her a message that a Mr C Lion wants to speak to her about wages or a slate order or something. Then they’d give her the number the mountain zoo. It was still pretty sexist! They’d often send her an envelope, addressed to her/The Clerical Worker, and inside there would be pictures of naked men or women. I used to love going up there in the summer holidays. I loved the quarry.

Now I work in the quarries, painting and drawing there  - I love the remnants of what’s left behind, the old cogs, big nails. Finding things remind me of the old times, when I used to walk up the quarry as a kid, gradually watching everything falling apart… It’s our cultural heritage and it should be preserved.

Louise Morgan

Merched dan y ddaear

Yn nabod gwraig roedd yn cael mynd ar ddydd Sul i weithio o dan y ddaear i helpu efo’r Gwaith yn y chwarel – Lord (Hafotty)

It’s known that wives would be allowed to go on Sundays to work underground, to help with the work in the quarry - Lord (Hafotty)

(story collected in Blaenau Ffestiniog)