Lisa Hudson

Cefndir - Background

Lisa Hudson has lived in the shadow of Penrhyn Quarry since 1998:


In my work I use drawing, sculpture, intervention and situations as a way to investigate and understand my environments and the complex relationships between people, places and things.

I work with natural and found materials in order to make work that becomes a dialogue, allowing the material to lead me into a deeper investigation of myself and place.


My interest in the quarry has always been focused on the waste created by the slate quarrying industry, by men and machines burrowing into the mountain, and then creating broken mountains in its place. The rejected, discarded slate from the tips has been a recurrent material in my work.

Recently work includes Llif, a collaboration with Lindsey Colborne and Dr Jonathan Malarkey from Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences. Llif is a participatory, site specific exploration of the science and art of flow for Pontio Synthesis and National Eisteddfod 2017.  

‘Merched Chwarel’ is an opportunity to collaborate with other women, to investigate our connection to, and impact this landscape