Deborah Edwards: The Flower of Rhiw Bach

Love and tragedy at Rhiw Bach Quarry, early 19th Century

Deborah was a schoolchild at Rhiwbach. This is a translation of an article in Cymru`r Plant at the beginning of the last century (I shall keep looking for the Welsh version):

"It`s possible that last June was no more summery than it will be next June. The sun will rise with intense heat every day. Despite the hot weather, I saw many a branch bud and I saw many a flower; but I only saw one die. Her name was Deborah. She was fifteen years old.

pic of rhiw bach girl.jpg

She was the daughter of Ann and Evan Edwards, Rhiwbach Quarry, Penmachno. There were many traits of Deborah`s character which made it appropriate to call her a flower. Here are some – beauty, simplicity, modesty, some which made her character wonderful during her life. All the quarrymen of Rhiwbach liked Deborah, and, not surprising, as her smile and kindness made everyone love her.

She was very fond of singing – she sang all the time, and her voice was full of magic. I don`t know how many bards wept while writing in memory of anyone. She was very fond of books. Many a morning, they would be found beneath the sheets, having read late into the night.

But suddenly, a withering frost afflicted the flower`s beauty, and some kind white angel came to take her to a land “where the breeze will always be soft and the sky will always be clear”, a land more fitting to her gentle nature, where she can grow to perfection

Her last words were “I’d rather die than live”

Story contributed by

Aled Llewelyn Owen