Lindsey Colbourne

Cefndir - Background


Lindsey Colbourne lives and works in Nant Peris, Bwlch Llanberis:


My practice is based on collaborative and participatory inquiries into flow, activating spaces of encounter around a ‘site’, whether that site is a physical location, field of knowledge, conflict or cultural debate. Always based on a period of collaborative investigation, I use photography, film, sound, installation, drawing, printing and dialogue to create social events and spaces that encourage reflection and  interaction.


Recent work includes ‘Digging Down’, and ‘A Curiously Collaborative Musem of Lost Found and Broken’, collaborative projects supported by National Theatre Wales. The projects built on the ‘trysor’ that I have been digging from the Victorian middens in my garden, linking the trysor to the quarry families who lived and worked here. The projects included a 3-day pop up supper in a barn in Nant Peris, combining archaeological dig, immersive scenography, performance and debate in a women-led Caban-style event that brought to life the lives of the forgotten women who had lived in Coed Gwydr. ‘The Curiously Collaborative Museum’ residency at Pontio and Storiel (with Marged Pendrell) involved people bringing in pieces and curating the museum themselves.

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Recently I have developed an interactive practice around phyisical and online mapping, with my residency at Culture Action Llandudno (Ideas, People Places project).    

The debate and interest that these projects, and the R&D for Merched Chwarel which further explored attitudes to quarries, including the ‘romanticism of slate’, and the lack of ‘her’ story that I would like to use as a starting point for the next phase of Merched Chwarel. I anticipate exploring women’s identity with quarries and connection to place and each other in the deep now using film, sound and an interactive installation.