Arddangosfa - Exhibition

Arddangosfa Storiel Exhibition 13.4.19 - 7.9.19

Mae Merched Chwarel wedi cyrraedd yn Storiel, Bangor!

Come and see us! Storiel, Bangor

18.5.19 Bydd yr artistiad yn bresennol - The artists will be present

We welcomed about 30 visitors to the exhibition today, between 1 and 4pm. There was performance, chatting, tea and biscuits. Diolch y bawb wnaeth ddod! Click on an image to see a larger version.

23.5.19 Bydd Artistiaid yn Bresennol Eto/The Artists will be Present Again

Our second intervention focussed on the Dressel Gridfan: Cataloguing the collection so far and preparing to open up the dresser to contributions from the public. There was, of course, tea and biscuits and fantastic conversations.