Arddangosfa - Exhibition

Arddangosfa Storiel Exhibition 13.4.19 - 7.9.19

Mae Merched Chwarel wedi cyrraedd yn Storiel, Bangor!

Come and see us! Storiel, Bangor

Click here to read the artists’ statement about the exhibition, including information about individual pieces of work.

18.5.19 Bydd yr artistiad yn bresennol - The artists will be present

We welcomed about 30 visitors to the exhibition today, between 1 and 4pm. There was performance, chatting, tea and biscuits. Diolch y bawb wnaeth ddod! Click on an image to see a larger version.

23.5.19 Bydd Artistiaid yn Bresennol Eto/The Artists will be Present Again

Our second intervention focussed on the Dressel Gridfan: Cataloguing the collection so far and preparing to open up the dresser to contributions from the public. There was, of course, tea and biscuits and fantastic conversations.

Arddangosfa Amgueddfa Lechi Cymru National Slate Museum, Llanberis 17.7.19 - 7.1.20

Our second exhibition venue is now open, as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations at the Slate Museum in Llanberis. Open 10am - 4pm everyday. We also have a linked ‘satellite’ display in a glass cabinet at Ysbyty Chwarel Quarry Hospital (opening hours vary).

Here is a sneak preview (all pictures by Lindsey except one credit to FfotoNant, with three of us!)